Celebrity anti aging secrets

by in Beauty Products, Celebrity Skincare Secrets March 23, 2019

Celebrities Who Don’t Age
And the anti-aging secrets they swear by.

Angelina Jolie

The actress, director, and honorary dame doesn’t scrimp when it comes to taking care of herself. In order to maintain her radiant visage, she relies on smearing caviar on her face—La Prairie’s Skin Caviar, that is, which really does contain fish eggs and runs at $710 a pop. As for her diet, she tried veganism for a while, only to find that “it almost killed her”—the nutritional changes weren’t right for her body. (Husband Brad Pitt remains committed to the lifestyle.) Instead, she opts for eating a diet rich in ancient grains, and while she isn’t a fan of Hollywood’s yoga craze, she does kickboxing and cardio exercises with a trainer.

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